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Well the big day is here! Please can you add all your character names to the Thread Chaos created so that we can add you to the guild Very Happy

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 Ye ol' Tavern rules

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PostSubject: Ye ol' Tavern rules   Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:27 am

Welcome to the section where anything goes! Well....ALMOST anything Wink

Here you can discuss anything non gaming related, however I do be having a code of conduct for ye all to be keepin' to.....

~ No flaming - friendly banter be just fine, but if any flaming be going on I will be havin' something to say about it!
~ Debates are good, but personal attacks on other mateys is just not good form.
~ introduce yerself before ye be makin' ramblin's, I dont be wantin' no life tales, just a few words about where ye be hailin' from.
~ Drunken ramblins do be allowed! A word of caution though....I will be leavin them here for ye to see the next mornin' Wink

Other than that, this tavern be free as a ship on the seven seas!

Rev. Snoop
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Ye ol' Tavern rules
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