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Well the big day is here! Please can you add all your character names to the Thread Chaos created so that we can add you to the guild Very Happy

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 Mayhem - What we are about

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PostSubject: Mayhem - What we are about   Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:48 am

As I am very aware hardly anyone enjoys reading a giant wall of text, so im going to do everyone a favour and do this in bullet points!

Mayhem is:-
  • A long term guild - This guild will never dissapear!
  • A guild that has been founded by a man and his wife, and we will run it as such.
  • A guild for casual and hard core gamers alike.
  • A mostly PVE orientated guild, but will participate in WVW and PVP depending on the members outlook.
  • A guild of friends, I will try to enforce this by having social events in game.
  • A small guild - no more than 50 members (to make it more personal).
  • A fun and friendly guild with a good atmosphere and laid back approach to gaming.
  • An 18+ only guild

Mayhem's goals:-
  • To achieve an atmosphere that will make members look forward to logging on and gaming with thier fellow guildies.
  • To give opportunities to explore all aspects of Guild Wars 2, PVP PVE and WVW with your friends.
  • To Have a clear and coherent calender full of guild events, news and general happenings so you never accidentally miss anything.
  • To have a prosperous guild, abundent with active, friendly and fun members.
  • To have a reputation within the server to be a guild that everyone will want to join (but will only have 50 slots Wink )

Mayhem's Avoid at all costs list:-
  • Drama - Members are not to publicly bicker with one another, we are all grown ups, sort it out amongst yourselves, if i see it affecting the mood of the guild i will take matters into my own hands to resolve the issue.
  • Negativity - Members are not to moan, whinge, bitch and disrupt the peace and good mood within the guild, if something is wrong please talk to either me or Snoopkitten.
  • Bullying - Members are not to pick on other players in a way that makes them feel bad. However BANTER is very much acceptable, you bunch of bastards Wink
  • Exclusion - Members are not to deliberately exlude certain other members of the guild knowingly, they are part of the guild, let them help, or teach them how they can help Smile
  • Guild master Faviouritism - I will do my utmost best to treat each member equally, shoot me down if you seeing me do otherwise!

So there we are, if you feel in any way that you wont fit in with our code of ethics and the way we do things then please dont apply. However if you feel that this is the guild for you, send off an application to me and i will approve it and let the fun begin Wink

Your faithful Guildmaster.

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Mayhem - What we are about
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